Get to Know: Tyler

Five-year-old Tyler is full of life. A typical little boy, Tyler enjoys swimming, watching movies, and eating salty snacks. He also loves talking on the phone and sending text messages to family members. The third of four children, Tyler is a Daddy’s boy who adores his siblings—especially his younger sister. Toy Story is Tyler’s favorite movie, and while he loves all the characters from the movie, his absolute favorite is Buzz Lightyear. 

“Now that Tyler is bigger and stronger and faster and louder than ever, it is easy for me to become overwhelmed. I wonder if I really have what it takes to raise my son with special needs. But, with each new challenge that presents itself, there is an even greater love and bond that continues to grow. If an angel came down from heaven and handed me a "perfect" baby and said, "I am so sorry we made a mistake 5 years ago! Here you go, it is time to make the switch." There is no doubt I would hold Tyler tight in my arms and say, "Oh no. I love my son exactly for who he is. I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world." Tyler has blessed my life more than anyone will ever know. Especially during this Christmas season, I thank my Father in heaven for sending me such a beautiful son who fills our home with love.”

-Kristine, Tyler’s mom