Get to Know: Tia

Ask many people what they think they know about people with Down syndrome and they’ll remark on how outgoing and social they are. Ten-year-old Tia breaks that stereotype—she’s reserved and quiet and slow to warm up to new people. But don’t let her reticence fool you! Once you get her talking, you’ll realize just how funny she is! Like many pre-teen girls, she’s a huge Twilight fan and has memorized much of the dialogue. She also loves Monster High Dolls, animals (she wants to be a veterinarian someday), and spending time with her family—especially her baby cousin, Will. Tia is an avid bowler and Special Olympic gold medalist. She also bowls in a youth league at Southern Bowl in Greenwood and has won many team and individual awards. 

“Being around Tia really makes you appreciate the little things in life,” says Tia’s mom, Joey. “When all it takes to make her happy is to sit and do a puzzle with her, it makes you wonder why you stress out about so many other things.”

- Joey, Tia's Mom