Get to Know: Sutton

Seven-month-old Sutton is the younger of two boys. His two-year-old brother, Soren, likes to help him with his exercises for physical therapy. Sutton’s parents believe that he has great potential. In fact, their hope for Sutton’s future is the same as it is for Soren—they hope that one day Sutton will find his passion in life and will use his gifts and abilities to his full potential. One of his gifts, his mom believes, is the ability to make others smile. Sutton’s parents received the diagnosis of Down syndrome after his birth, but that surprise, they say, has turned out to be exactly what they needed. “He has helped us to slow down and appreciate the things we used to take for granted,” says his mom, Laura. “Down syndrome is the greatest gift I never knew I wanted.”

 - Laura, Sutton's Mom