Down Syndrome Indiana is committed to providing quality information to its members and believes that the preparation and delivery of newsletters, calendars of events and annual reports plays a big role in carrying out this commitment. In an effort to optimize this objective, we are in the process of updating the information in our database.

Our goal is to ensure that all interested members are receiving information in a timely and cost effective manner. One objective that we hope to achieve is to deliver as much information as possible by e-mail. This will result in members receiving information quicker and will save Down Syndrome Indiana the significant costs associated with printing and delivering information by regular mail.

Therefore, we strongly encourage all members to opt out of receiving information by regular mail and elect to receive this information electronically. The information requested in the form below is optional and we have made a sincere effort to keep it as short as possible to encourage a positive response. We value your time and hope that you will take a minute to complete this form and return it to us so that we can continue our goal of providing quality information to all of our members. Thank you for supporting Down Syndrome Indiana and we look forward to serving you in 2009.

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