Get to Know: Shilo

Shilo loves her retro bumble ball, her blankie, music, playing the djembe with papa, giving hugs and kisses, and mama's singing. She is especially enamored with her big sister, Abigail. Abigail has loved Shilo from the moment she laid eyes on her. She loves holding her, teaching her new things, playing with her and reading to her. She is fiercely protective of Shilo, telling strangers that their germs could make her sick, and rushing to her side if someone else holds her.

Shilo’s parents adopted both girls at birth. Abigail has a genetic disorder called Neurofibromatosis 1. Her condition required years of therapies and doctor’s appointments. So when the couple decided they were ready to adopt again, they joked that that weren’t certain they could even handle a “typical” child. Based on a positive relationship between Andrea (Shilo’s mom) and her cousin Robin, who has DS, the couple made a decision to adopt a child with Down syndrome, and registered with the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network ( A few weeks later, the Manns welcomed sweet Shilo into their family.