Get to Know: Olivia

Olivia is a spunky, outgoing 10-year-old girl who loves Barbies, cheerleading, horseback riding, and ballet. She is the proud owner of a Chocolate Poodle puppy, Teddy, and the younger sister to her big brother, Noah. At school, Olivia is in the fourth grade and enjoys math more than any other subject. Like many girls her age, Olivia is a Disney channel/pop music fanatic and knows most of the dance moves to songs like Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” She’s perky and smart, friendly and genuine. 

“We love watching when someone meets Livi for the first time. You see it dawn on them that she has Down syndrome, but then you see them look past that to who she really is—a little girl with a big smile and a huge heart who can make you forget your worries for moment as you see her enthusiastic spirit and genuine care for everyone she meets. She truly lights up the room!”

–Laura, Olivia’s Mom