Get to Know: Mia

Seven-year-old Mia’s outgoing personality and infectious smile make her a sought-after boutique model. When not modeling, Mia loves to sing, dance, and play with dolls. She’s a daddy’s girl to the core and a loving little sister to her three older siblings (who affectionately call her their “little monster” because she likes to play practical jokes on them). Mia loves going toschool where she likes playing with her friends and is learning to read. In many ways, she is a very typical little girl…except that this little girl has very extraordinary genes. Mia was born with a very rare form of Down syndrome—mosaic translocation.

“Mia is a blessing to our family because she has a big heart. She has taught us how to love unconditionally and to be a friend to everyone.” 

–Jen Accinelli, Mia’s mom