Get to Know: Mary

Mary, a freshman at Center Grove High School, is in many ways a typical teenage girl. She listens to Justin Bieber and Big Time Rush and spends her free time hanging out with friends at school dances and football games. She’s a cheerleader, a bowler, a dancer, and actor. She loves to sing and has won three gold medals for her solos at Indiana State School Music Association (ISSMA) contests. She aspires to act professionally someday and is actively practicing the craft—she’s been in eight plays already (six of them musicals). She loves spending time with family and friends (especially her best friend Bryana). Mary, who is very involved at school and in her church, has experienced much success in her 14 years—a fact that can be attributed to a combination of the high expectations set for her by her parents and her commitment to hard work. 

“I hope [Mary] is an example for other people who have Down syndrome, to show them that with some hard work and support, they can accomplish most of their dreams.”

–Cathy, Mary’s mom