Get to Know: Levi

Little Levi is a perfect fit for his family. His two older sisters can’t seem to get enough of him. They love singing and dancing for him (and sometimes with him), and love to make him smile and giggle. The love they feel for Levi is reciprocated…Levi loves being around his sisters and is always curious what they’re up to. It’s likely that one day, Levi’s sisters will count themselves among the 97 percent of people who are proud of their sibling with Down syndrome and among the 88 percent who feel they are better people because of their “chromosomally-enhanced” brother or sister. 

“Levi has surprised us with exactly how special he is and continues to be each day. He has completed our little family and brought an amazing joy we never imagined we would experience.”

–Levi’s mom, Jeanine