Get to Know: Kelley

It would be an understatement to say that 25-year-old Kelley keeps busy. She has been heavily involved in Special Olympics not only as an athlete (she’s a bowler, basketball player, and golfer), but as a committeewoman on Project Unify, an education-based project that fosters “respect, dignity and advocacy for people with intellectual disabilities.” She has worked at Longhorn Steakhouse for seven years and volunteers in a Kindergarten classroom. In her free time, Kelley takes boxing, photography, and art lessons, watches NASCAR and basketball (Jeff Gordon and the Pacers are her favorites), and listens to country music. Kelley is outgoing, funny, and articulate. An ardent advocate for people with disabilities, she reminds others of how hurtful the “R-word” can be and attempts to “spread the word” to end its use.