Get to Know: Jack

Ten-year-old Jack is a sports enthusiast who likes to play basketball, baseball, track, and kickball. He loves music and enjoys listening to Johnny Cash while playing along with his guitar. Jack likes to fly and enjoys math, reading, and science at school. When he grows up, he wants to be a firefighter. He’s already had some experience in that area; at school, Jack’s principal lets him help with scheduled fire drills, and last year, Jack’s school even had a special fire drill for his birthday. Jack is nonstop energy; he’s ready to play and entertain from the moment he wakes up until the moment he falls asleep. He strives to make those around him happy by singing for them or simply giving a hug. He has a smile that melts your heart…something he also uses to get himself out of trouble. 

“When Jack was born I feared all of the "what ifs" that most parents worry about when they have a child with special needs. But I learned that Jack would do most everything that I was told he would not be able to do. He did not achieve milestones on the "typical" timeframe, but in what we fondly refer to as "Jack's time". When God gave me my son I did not realize at the time how he would change my life forever. I've learned about unconditional love and acceptance from Jack. There is rarely an outing that we don't encounter someone who knows Jack and to see the number of lives he has touched in his short time on earth humbles me.”

–Jack’s mom, Lesli