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Down Syndrome Indiana offers resources for parents and educational professionals to better serve children with Down syndrome. We offer a variety of publications and trainings to assist educators.

Awareness Presentations

Target Audience: All grades especially 3rd graders

Let DSI staff and Self Advocates visit your school and present a message of inclusion and acceptance. This fun filled interactive presentation is great for groups of 10 to 300. Presentations are especially great for Disability Awareness Month in March, World Down syndrome Day on March 21st or Down Syndrome Awareness Month in October. Don’t worry, you don’t have to choose a specific month, DSI will present any time of year! Contact DSI at to schedule your presentation today. Help us get our message out to 2,000 students this year!

R-Word Cards

Target Audience: All Ages

Order a stock of business card sized cards that remind individuals that words can hurt. These easy to hand out cards encourage individuals to choose their words carefully and to use respect. Order cards for your friends, classroom or entire school. Free of charge. Please contact Lisa Wells at to order.

The JMFriends

Target Audience: Pre-K thru 4th grade

The JMFriends Program is a unique way to teach awareness and acceptance of all others with the help of child size puppets. The puppet troupe hosts puppet shows and Q&A sessions to teach Pre-K thru 4th grade students the importance of accepting others. Down Syndrome Indiana and the Joseph Maley Foundation formed a partnership to include education about Down syndrome awareness in the puppet troupe curriculum.

If you are interested in scheduling a performance at your school, please contact Vivian Maley at or Stephanie Garner at

Ds Quiz Show

Target Audience: 5th through 12th grade and adult

Request a “Jeopardy” style quiz show presentation for your classroom. It is a fun way to learn about Down syndrome and intellectual disabilities. Students leave the presentation with a greater awareness and appreciation for individuals with Down syndrome. This presentation is great for grades 5 thru 12, and for adults. To schedule a presentation, contact

Indiana Postsecondary Education Coalition

Target Audience: Ages 14 to 22

If you are a student or if you know of a student with intellectual or developmental disabilities, are you wondering… “Why Not College?” So are we.  The Indiana Postsecondary Education Coalition     promotes postsecondary education (college) options for students with developmental disabilities, like Down syndrome.

 Click Here for a Factsheet on Think College Indiana.

 Adult Life Packet

Target Audience: Ages 18 and up

An adult life packet contains adult life resources for individuals with Down syndrome. You will find information on local Self Advocacy groups, information on aging and Down syndrome, financial tips, reading lists, area activities and more. Please contact to order your copy today.

Getting To Know Me Booklet

Target Audience: Any age 

Parents can utilize this Getting to Know Me booklet to let their child's teacher know important their child.  Print this PDF version  and hand write in your answers or email to have a Microsoft Word version sent to you. 

Educators, Check out the great resources below:

About Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas Educator Manual

Including Students with Down Syndrome with their Typical Peers

Transition Planning for Students with Down Syndrome

Explaining Privacy and Sexuality to Students with Down Syndrome

Discouraging Elopment in your Students with Down Syndrome

An Overview of Speech, Language and Communication for People with Down Syndrome

Speech and Language Skills for Young Children with Down Syndrome

Speech and Language Skills for Adolescents with Down Syndrome

Sexuality and Down Syndrome

Think College Indiana

Need a ready made presentation on Down syndrome?

The National Down Syndrome Congress and other Down syndrome parent groups across the country partnered to create several presentations to help you explain Down syndrome to others. Visit the Presentation Center to upload Power Point presentations on Down Syndrome and the Educational Challenge and How to Support People with Down Syndrome. More presentations are forthcoming.

Visit Project Participate to see how they provide families, educators, administrators and therapists with simple strategies to increase the active participation of students wtih disabilities in school programs. Project Participate facilitates team collaboration and promotes the appropriate uses of technology in the classroom.




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