Get to Know: Ben

My name is Ben and I’m in the 6th grade. I love playing sports! Basketball, hockey, and swimming are my favorites. I also like hanging out with my friends at school and spending time with family, especially my 3-year-old sister (I think she kind of looks up to me). She doesn’t know or care that I have Down syndrome and just thinks of me as her fun big brother. I help my parents out around the house every chance I get by mowing the lawn, washing the windows, and vacuuming. My mom doesn’t seem to mind the extra help at all. I try to bring a lot of enthusiasm and energy to everything I do. My mom says I ooze confidence and that’s the thing that makes her most proud of me. I’m definitely not shy, and I love meeting new people. So get to know me! 

“Ben has such a bright future ahead of him. His enthusiasm, confidence, energy and personality will take him far. When people meet Ben, my true hope is that when they walk away, they will forget he has something called Down syndrome and just remember the incredible young man they had the pleasure to interact with and learn something from.”

 –Kate, Ben’s mom