Get to Know: Abby

Abby is spunky and sassy, silly and sweet. She loves the color pink, peace signs, reading, singing in choir, and being a big sister. When she’s not playing baseball or cheerleading for the Top Dawgs squad, Abby likes to cheer on the Cubs and Colts. 

As a little girl, Abby’s mom, Sara, was forever impacted by an article she read concerning an adoption program for children born with Down syndrome:
“I remember from the article that being a mom to a child with Down syndrome was a good thing, and the seed was planted,” she says. “I remember thinking that if I didn't have a baby with Down syndrome, I wanted to adopt one.” Sara went on to become a special education teacher. And when she and her husband decided to have kids, they adopted Abby before going on to have two biological children. “She is chosen,” Sara says of Abby. “But we’re the ones who are blessed.”

 -Sara, Abby’s Mom